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Interview with Shapeshifting director Crystal Moselle on Noisey



Another great article and interview with the visionary Brooklyn director Crystal Moselle, who directed COLOR WAR's music video for their latest single Shapeshifting.  If you haven't yet seen this video, you should watch it right now.

"Here at Noisey we spend a lot of time watching music videos. We are music video connoisseurs and choosy motherfuckers so it takes a lot to make us go, "Damn!" Color War's video for "Shapeshifting" not only made us go "Damn!" it also made us go:
"WTF! Are bodies supposed to bend that way?" 
Noisey: What were the reactions from people in the street when you were filming this? In some of the shots—like that insane one where one of them is doing the splits up a traffic pole—no one appears to be batting an eyelid. 
Crystal Moselle: Most times it all happened so fast and so spontaneously that people had to look twice to see what was happening. Once we got to Times Square they got a ton of attention and people couldn't stop taking photos. I was trying to curb it but it was impossible.   
How did you hook up with Color War?
Well Julie Brooke Williams, my stylist on the video, was also in South Africa and her and I had made the plan to do something with Cassiel. I mentioned that I wanted to work with a band and she made the connect. I fell in love with their music—it was so perfect—and it all went beautifully! The band are so talented and hilarious… hopefully they're my new best friends. 


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EXCLUSIVE: Interview Magazine plus new track "I Like It This Way"

Read COLOR WAR's thoughts on Astrology, Moms, Darkness and the sound of the new record, including a brand new track from the soon-to-be-released It Could Only Be This Way.

"So, what's the universe according to Color War like? It's equal parts astrology, symbology, and philosophy; all set to shimmering synths and cascading vocals. Naturally, their latest single, "I Like It This Way," which we're pleased to premiere here, fits right in. Featuring layered synth riffs and Mound's breathless harmonies, the track is about the gravitational pull of a bad relationship. It's a theme that recurs throughout their debut LP, It Could Only Be This Way, though you shouldn't be too hasty in assuming anything about the duo from their track's serious content. Below, Interview catches up with the band for a surprisingly lighthearted discussion of star signs, rejected band names, and the mom appeal of their music."