STREAM: DJ Clap Remixes SOS (Ad Hoc Premiere)

One of our favorite producers, John Luke Grubb aka DJ Clap, remixed COLOR WAR's second track off their new album, It Could Only Be This Way.  PRE-ORDER NOW on LP / CD / Digital.

"Phoenix-based DJ Clap has distinguished himself with the manic tempo of his footwork-influenced productions-- a sound reflected on his debut album, Best Night Ever, which was released last year. His remix of synthpop band Color War's "SOS" contrasts sharply with his previous work. The track is, by his standards, almost sedate-- dominated by atmospheric synth pads and pitched down vocals rather than dense, rapidly cut samples. A paranoid drum pattern maintains a sense of anxiety throughout the remix, however. Perhaps this is an indication of a new direction DJ Clap's work may be headed-- but, then again, so could the three short "Gangnam Style" sampling vignettes he's put on his Soundcloud in the past month.

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STREAM: Xiu Xiu remixes SOS (Stereogum premiere)


We couldn't wait to share the harrowing remix Xiu Xiu mastermind Jamie Stewart delivered to us a little while ago, so today we're super excited it's finally premiered on Stereogum:

"Color War make dark, moody synth pop that walks a fine line; it sounds like something you could expect to hear in a club, but also something that you could see being remixed by Xiu Xiu. This remix of “SOS” drains most of the color and rhythms out of the track, leaving dissonant drones and a beat that thumps, but doesn’t inspire movement so much as deer in the headlights stillness. What’s left is the bare and now somewhat unsettling vocal track, barreling along nearly a capella at times, echoing like a diva in an abandoned club." 

EXCLUSIVE: Interview Magazine plus new track "I Like It This Way"

Read COLOR WAR's thoughts on Astrology, Moms, Darkness and the sound of the new record, including a brand new track from the soon-to-be-released It Could Only Be This Way.

"So, what's the universe according to Color War like? It's equal parts astrology, symbology, and philosophy; all set to shimmering synths and cascading vocals. Naturally, their latest single, "I Like It This Way," which we're pleased to premiere here, fits right in. Featuring layered synth riffs and Mound's breathless harmonies, the track is about the gravitational pull of a bad relationship. It's a theme that recurs throughout their debut LP, It Could Only Be This Way, though you shouldn't be too hasty in assuming anything about the duo from their track's serious content. Below, Interview catches up with the band for a surprisingly lighthearted discussion of star signs, rejected band names, and the mom appeal of their music."


COLOR WAR new single "SOS" premieres today on Noisey

Over the summer, COLOR WAR shared their first single "Obelisk" (Available to stream at Pitchfork). Today, they announce their debut full-length album, It Could Only Be This Way, with a brand new track "SOS" which premiered today on Vice's music blog Noisey.



"This is only the second ever track from Brooklyn-based duo Color War. Made up of visual artists-turned-musicians Justin “Billy J” Lin and vocalist Lindsay Mound, "SOS" has the kind of cascading synths that make us feel ice cool, like Deckard in Blade Runner. Additionally, it takes some balls to build and build for close to five minutes before finally dropping a Stevie Nicks-ian climactic wig out. Nicely done."


Color War's debut album,  It Could Only Be This Way, will be released in March 2014 via Four Horsemen Records.