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STREAM: DJ Clap Remixes SOS (Ad Hoc Premiere)

One of our favorite producers, John Luke Grubb aka DJ Clap, remixed COLOR WAR's second track off their new album, It Could Only Be This Way.  PRE-ORDER NOW on LP / CD / Digital.

"Phoenix-based DJ Clap has distinguished himself with the manic tempo of his footwork-influenced productions-- a sound reflected on his debut album, Best Night Ever, which was released last year. His remix of synthpop band Color War's "SOS" contrasts sharply with his previous work. The track is, by his standards, almost sedate-- dominated by atmospheric synth pads and pitched down vocals rather than dense, rapidly cut samples. A paranoid drum pattern maintains a sense of anxiety throughout the remix, however. Perhaps this is an indication of a new direction DJ Clap's work may be headed-- but, then again, so could the three short "Gangnam Style" sampling vignettes he's put on his Soundcloud in the past month.

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