New single "Bitte" from COLOR WAR drops today

First look at the track and video, premiering on Noisey

"Bitte, bitte, bitte, bitte…" intones an otherworldly refrain. Color War's latest song starts in ambient swathes with singer Lindsay Mound's ethereal incantations. Here the NYC trio move through the song like a sun-dazed kid skipping through a field of flowers, speeding up and tripping over, and falling into a synthy swoon, and spinning in giddy circles for the chorus. The video, meanwhile, is a kaleidoscopic clip made up of iphone footage shot over the past 12 months and overlaid with Mound karaoke-ing her heart out. It'll make you want to dance the night away with the singer, shouting into a shared mic with abandon. And if you want to do just that, the band have, rather helpfully cut together a lyric video for just such an occasion.


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