INTERVIEW with COLOR WAR in Creem Magazine


Read COLOR WAR's interview with Creem, where they reveal everything there is to know about anything and totally spill the beans on their interests in space.

What are the central themes you explore on It Could Only Be This Way?

LM: So far most of my songwriting comes from a dimension of personal emotional experiences and imagined realities. Typically a pairing of self-inflicted despair and majestic interconnection. Guilty pleasures swirled with deeper understanding. Jealousy dipped in self awareness and futility.

BJ: The title of the album refers to a certain inevitability, of time moving on, of hearts broken, of darkness and hope.  Many of the songs deal with our more destructive human emotions: jealousy, pride, self-deception, but hopefully a bit of discovery through the process. We often reference the epic movements of bodies in space, separated by light years but with their orbits mostly pre-ordained, a sort of cosmic fate. We were in grade school when they launched the Hubble space telescope, and now we’re seeing amazing images of faraway galaxies tens of millions of light years away. Stars we see now going supernova actually happened eons ago, before the dinosaurs. And without those telescopes, we’d never know those places existed. We keep going back to things that happened before. The album in that way is a cycle.