COLOR WAR's debut album It Could Only Be This Way released today

Download the 12-track album today on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, or right here at our online store.

"Beauty emerges in the melodic details which begin to peek out from skeletal song foundations... Color War's gift is using a style we're well familiar with to transform the everyday into the profound, and that applies to their approach to sounds as well as words. "  - SOUNDBLAB

"I want to be serenaded by Lindsay Mound. I want to be immersed in their group’s existential love affair. A distant glance, a cold breeze. Torn between two worlds, “Plate Techtonics” could be easily as heartbreaking as it is lustful  It certainly sounds like an album of the ages. It gives us guidance to the New York noir underbelly. This place has no room for regret." - SELECTIVE MEMORY

" With the use of eerily textured synth, encapsulating beats and a vocal that is gently haunting, Color War have formed a melodious electro-pop which is utterly irresistible at any moment." - SOUND REVOLUTION